Amateur Radio

Welcome to Amateur Radio

CQ CQ calling CQ, this is kc0de calling CQ.

If you know anything about amateur radio, you'll understand the previous line. Welcome to one of my many endeavors and hobbies. I have been a licensed amateur radio operator (ham) for over twenty years now. My home HF (high frequency) radio is an old school Kenwood TS-820S. I use an Icom 2100H for VHF. Mobile and emergency coms are handled with an Icom 706MKii and a Yaesu FT-8800. There are a lot of other hand held and mobile radios in my arsenal, but those are the main ones I use.

Radio has always been a main stay in my life, starting with a CB way back before I could even drive. I remember being able to listen to guys all across the country talking back and forth when the sun spot cycle is good (allows for long distance communications on CB). After I received my ham radio license, I started getting into Skywarn (storm spotting) and EmComm (emergency communications). I have worked my way all the way up to the position of Emergency Commander for the the local amateur radio volunteer group in Fargo/Moorhead and the District Emergency Coordinator for Northwest Minnesota.

I also hold a GMRS license. We recently added a GMRS repeater to the Fargo/Moorhead area. To find information on this repeater, please visit and search for the Fargo area.