Seth J. Swenson

About Me

As a jack-of-all-trades in the world of technology, I've had the privilege of working with computers since the mid-90s. I started out working with Apple IIgs and Mac Performa 550s. I was sent to training to be able to help my high school computer teacher repair the Macs. As the years have passed, I have built, repaired, and retired many computers and operating systems. I have worked with every Windows operating system, starting with Windows 3.1 all the way through Windows 11 and even some versions of DOS. I am no stranger to Linux either, having started out on Red Hat, then migrating to Ubuntu and Debian. I have built websites and home servers, as well as massive commercial networks and surveillance systems. My latest endeavors are working with virtual machines and AI. There really isn't a lot in the computer world that I haven't looked at, worked with, or at least read a little something about.

My expertise extends beyond computers, as I've also ventured into radio broadcasting, holding licenses in amateur (ham), GMRS radio, and business class. I have held my amateur license for almost 25 years now and have kept the same callsign. It's kind of become a staple of who I am now, as you can see, it's also the name of my website. Through amateur radio, I volunteer as the Cass Clay Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) Commander and the Minnesota Northwest District ARES Emergency Coordinator.

Running a YouTube channel is yet another way that I spend my free time. It has mainly carried live hockey but has also carried other things from time to time. Calling the games adds to the fun and I have been told several times that if I'm not a radio announcer, I missed my calling.

Current Projects

Some of the projects that are currently in-production, recently completed, or past: